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Throughout our training, we make sure to instill timeliness in all of our drivers as one of our top priorities for customer satisfaction. You can rest assured knowing you’ll be picked up on time!

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If you have any questions, comments, needs or concerns, we have a 24 hour support line that is on standby for your needs. We’re easy to get in touch with and will always stand by your side.

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We back all of our rides by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If there is any issue, we will do what what we need to make it right. Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority.

Transportation Services Near Me

We offer our private Crocker Highland, CA Transportation services in over 250 cities nationwide, to find out more about your next booking, see what we offer below!

Private Black Car Transportation Service

The most classic Transportation service you can get – the black luxury sedan. While this it’s debated that the Lincoln town car is the iconic vehicle for this mode of transport, the new Cadillac’s have taken the limelight as the most popular request. We make sure to give you whatever is available upon request!

Lincoln Town Car Transportation Services

We offer our airport Transportation service for small and large events. Our ride service includes various booking types, including point-to-point, hourly, and all day rentals. What are you waiting for?

Cadillac & Navigator SUV Service

The most classic Transportation service you can get – the black luxury sedan. While this it’s debated that the Lincoln town car is the iconic vehicle for this mode of transport, the new Cadillac’s have taken the limelight as the most popular request. We make sure to give you whatever is available upon request!

What are you waiting for?

We’re dedicated to revolutionizing the travel industry, and we’re going to do that by creating a new and better way to travel. JustProper is the smart & green choice in the Transportation service industry. In every location we operate, we make sure to have a fleet of fuel efficient / hybrid vehicles that have the newest, innovative technologies that are economical and considerate of the environment.

As car manufacturers make more advancements in creating models that are fully electric (following Tesla’s lead), our team will begin to add these cars to our fleet and make them available for all our users. We’re living in a rapidly evolving era in a very competetive space, while we’re certainly not the big fish in the sea, we’re making progress and strongly believe that every little step counts. 

Our executive Transportation services are not the average; we make sure to offer top-of-the line, industry leading options from the world’s leading car manufacturers – most notably Mercedes, BMW, Lincoln and Cadillac. We are in the process of bringing in Tesla vehicles (Model P90s), however due to the large amount of back-orders have still not received our fleet.

If you’re looking for a Transportation service to the airport near you then you’ll be glad to know that you can rest assured when booking with us. Our corporate Transportation services for business and large organizations offer discounted rates and memberships (with special perks for VIP members). Whether you’re looking for a town car Transportation service or a Cadillac SUV, we’ve got you covered!

All of our drivers receive a formal on-boarding and education that reviews our brand guidelines, service expectations, and customer satisfaction standards. Some things that are included in this training are ensuring that they arrive on time, are dressed professionally, and have a clean car. They’re also required to have a great personality – we don’t believe in hiring bad apples!

Passenger safety has been a growing concern in the private Transportation service industry; most notably known from Transportation service companies (that we all know of) who have had issues with shameful incidents displaying bad service. When you tap into a supply network that includes such a diverse range of people (often for the sake of meeting demand’s sake and at the expense of passenger safety).

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Crocker Highlands, a neighborhood of Oakland, California, overflows with an abundance of character and charm, described as having “the genteel ambiance of an old Hollywood movie set,” is one of several distinct neighborhoods comprising a larger area collectively known as the “Lower Hills” that lies in between the 580 and 13 freeways.

Crocker Highlands is bounded by the adjacent residential city of Piedmont (which is completely surrounded by Oakland) to the north and nestled in between Oakland’s Grand Lake/Lakeshore (to the west), Trestle Glen to the south), and Glenview (to the east) neighborhoods. It is roughly bordered by Lakeshore Avenue to the west and Mandana Boulevard to the north and east. It lies at an elevation of 285 feet (87 m). Living in the Crocker Highlands neighborhood in Oakland is like living a California dream featuring idyllic weather, streets lined with lush trees and charming period homes dating to the 1920s. And it’s all just a short hop from the vibrant Grand Lake shopping district and Lake Merritt, Oakland’s crown jewel.

Gentle hills and walkable, shaded streets are a wonderful backdrop for the elegant Tudor, Spanish, Arts and Crafts, Beaux-Arts, Art Deco, and Traditional style homes here. You’ll find authentic street lamps from the 1920s, some white picket fences, and inspired English-style gardens. The area has a rich history and was named for railroad baron Charles Crocker.

Geography and climate

Oakland’s temperatures typically stay within a comfortable narrow range: The average low in January and February, which tend to be the coldest months in Oakland, gets down to just under 45 degrees Fahrenheit (7 degrees Celsius). The average high in September, typically the hottest month, is around 75 degrees Fahrenheit (24 degrees Celsius).
This means that if you are not a fan of extreme temperatures—either high or low—Oakland could offer the perfect climate.

Country: United States

State: California

County: Oakland

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What Our Users Have to Say

We’ve been using JustProper for a few years and have had the same quality of service every time! This is the first for any company for me and I highly recommend them to all my friends and family! Way better than using the shuttle service or local taxi – I’m extremely impressed by the cleanliness, punctuality and quality.

Emily, New York

My wife and I both travel frequently (both for business and personal), we’ve used dozens of companies in the past (including Lyft & Uber). We decided JustProper is what we’ll be using moving forward! I can trust these drivers as I know this brand stands behind the customers and doesn’t take any shortcuts! It shows in the service!! highly recommended!!

Ken, Seattle

JustProper is always on time. They send me a text and notify me of all the critical information i need to know (when they’re coming, on their way, any special requests, etc.). They’re also on stand-by and offer meet & greet services that are extremely helpful when arriving with luggage! 5 stars!

Stephanie, San Diego

Frequently Asked Questions

Which areas do you service?

We offer our services in most cities in the United States at the moment. We plan on expanding into Canada and Europe soon (look out in the announcements on our blog for updates on this)!

How can I make a booking / reservation?

The easiest and fastest way to make a reservation or booking is through our website (whether you are on desktop or on a mobile device – you should still be able to seamlessly book a reservation for your next ride).

What is your cancellation policy?

As long as you notify us 2 hours in advance of your scheduled reservation, there is no fee charged to your account. If it is within the 2 hour window (or you are a no-show altogether), then we will have to charge you for the service as our drivers showed up and were on time.

What if I need a car seat (or have a special request)?

If you have any special requests, specify your needs when you’re booking and we will follow up (via e-mail or phone call) to make sure we can accomodate.

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