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We offer our private Escondido, CA car services in over 250 cities nationwide, to find out more about your next booking, see what we offer below!

Private Black Car Service

The most classic car service you can get – the black luxury sedan. While this it’s debated that the Lincoln town car is the iconic vehicle for this mode of transport, the new Cadillac’s have taken the limelight as the most popular request. We make sure to give you whatever is available upon request!

Lincoln Town Car Services

We offer our airport car service for small and large events. Our ride service includes various booking types, including point-to-point, hourly, and all day rentals. What are you waiting for?

Cadillac & Navigator SUV Service

The most classic car service you can get – the black luxury sedan. While this it’s debated that the Lincoln town car is the iconic vehicle for this mode of transport, the new Cadillac’s have taken the limelight as the most popular request. We make sure to give you whatever is available upon request!

What are you waiting for?

We’re dedicated to revolutionizing the travel industry, and we’re going to do that by creating a new and better way to travel. JustProper is the smart & green choice in the car service industry. In every location we operate, we make sure to have a fleet of fuel efficient / hybrid vehicles that have the newest, innovative technologies that are economical and considerate of the environment.

As car manufacturers make more advancements in creating models that are fully electric (following Tesla’s lead), our team will begin to add these cars to our fleet and make them available for all our users. We’re living in a rapidly evolving era in a very competetive space, while we’re certainly not the big fish in the sea, we’re making progress and strongly believe that every little step counts. 

Our executive car services are not the average; we make sure to offer top-of-the line, industry leading options from the world’s leading car manufacturers – most notably Mercedes, BMW, Lincoln and Cadillac. We are in the process of bringing in Tesla vehicles (Model P90s), however due to the large amount of back-orders have still not received our fleet.

If you’re looking for a car service to the airport near you then you’ll be glad to know that you can rest assured when booking with us. Our corporate car services for business and large organizations offer discounted rates and memberships (with special perks for VIP members). Whether you’re looking for a town car service or a Cadillac SUV, we’ve got you covered!

All of our drivers receive a formal on-boarding and education that reviews our brand guidelines, service expectations, and customer satisfaction standards. Some things that are included in this training are ensuring that they arrive on time, are dressed professionally, and have a clean car. They’re also required to have a great personality – we don’t believe in hiring bad apples!

Passenger safety has been a growing concern in the private car service industry; most notably known from car service companies (that we all know of) who have had issues with shameful incidents displaying bad service. When you tap into a supply network that includes such a diverse range of people (often for the sake of meeting demand’s sake and at the expense of passenger safety).

Nearby Neighborhoods

 Settled in a long valley in the coastal mountains of Southern California, Escondido, which means “hidden” in Spanish, lies about 18 miles inland, 100 miles south of Los Angeles, and 30 miles northeast of San Diego. Surrounded by avocado and citrus groves, Escondido is a diverse, vibrant community with just the right mix of small town friendliness and big-city buzz.

Established in 1888, the city’s rich past brings charm and stability to the community. You can see it in the historic homes of Old Escondido or experience it in the thriving downtown area and the weekly blast to the past, “Cruisin’ Grand.” Yet integrated with Escondido’s treasured heritage is a progressive future, bright and brimming with promise. New jobs, new cultural amenities, new entertainment venues, new choices for residential living, and a new vision for Escondido’s future, make Escondido a city to watch.

Geography and climate

The city is growing at a rapid rate with new communities like Hidden Trails appearing at the east end of East Valley Parkway. The city proper is surrounded by several sparsely populated unincorporated communities. These include Jesmond Dene and Hidden Meadows to the north; Felicita Park to the southwest; and Rincon Del Diablo to the southeast. Residents of these communities have Escondido mailing addresses and zip codes, and their children are sometimes assigned to Escondido schools, but residents of these communities cannot participate in city elections.

Escondido tends to have a typical Mediterranean climate with warm summers and cool wet winters. Owing to its inland setting it is considerably warmer than coastal cities like San Diego, Carlsbad or Oceanside during the summertime, and cooler in the winter. Yearly precipitation averages around 15 inches (380 mm) and can vary considerably from year to year. Rainfall totals are higher in the hills to the north and east, with 20-24 inches falling in most areas above 2,000 feet elevation, and over 30 inches on Palomar Mountain, 15 miles east. More than 80% of all precipitation takes place from November through March. Snow is virtually unheard of, though occasionally winter and springtime thunderstorms will drop small hail.

More and more people are making Escondido their “City of Choice.” As the heart of San Diego North, it is one of the few remaining communities where people of all income levels can enjoy the Southern California lifestyle. We offer attractive homes in a wide range of prices, two lakes, several parks, a sports center, golf courses, restaurants, wineries, shopping centers, comprehensive healthcare and the nearby San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

Country: United States

State: California

County: San Diego

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Source: Wikipedia


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We’ve been using JustProper for a few years and have had the same quality of service every time! This is the first for any company for me and I highly recommend them to all my friends and family! Way better than using the shuttle service or local taxi – I’m extremely impressed by the cleanliness, punctuality and quality.

Emily, New York

My wife and I both travel frequently (both for business and personal), we’ve used dozens of companies in the past (including Lyft & Uber). We decided JustProper is what we’ll be using moving forward! I can trust these drivers as I know this brand stands behind the customers and doesn’t take any shortcuts! It shows in the service!! highly recommended!!

Ken, Seattle

JustProper is always on time. They send me a text and notify me of all the critical information i need to know (when they’re coming, on their way, any special requests, etc.). They’re also on stand-by and offer meet & greet services that are extremely helpful when arriving with luggage! 5 stars!

Stephanie, San Diego

Escondido Car Services to San Diego International Airport (SAN)

Whether it’s a limo, car, or taxi, choosing the right car service for your needs is critical. Especially if you are not familiar with the area. Therefore, we make sure your experience is a positive one at JustProper.

We offer private car services to numerous cities across Southern California. Several of these are in San Diego County. For instance, we are proud to serve Escondido as one of our destinations.

Private Transportation no Matter the Need

We offer an Escondido car service as a way for you to journey the 30 miles from San Diego International Airport minus the pressures of traffic and getting lost. In addition, we don’t want you to miss Escondido’s attractions and events while there. Together, these allow you to return home refreshed and happy about your trip.

Escondido’s History

Escondido means hidden in Spanish. Being in a shallow valley surrounded by hills, the name seems apt. 

Out of the many cities in San Diego County, Escondido is the oldest. After being settled by Native Americans, the Spanish, and Mexicans, Americans headed west began to populate the valley. The city was incorporated in 1888, and with it came rail lines, U.S. Route 395 in the 1930s, and an increase of population.

Escondido was an agricultural community whose original crop was Muscat grapes. Once the Lake Wohlford Dam was built in the mid-1890s, large tracts of orange. lemon, olive, and walnut trees were planted. By the 1960s these made way for avocados. 

Escondido Sports Team and Playing Fields

If you are interested in watching one of Southern California’s professional sports teams, then you need to use your Escondido car service to head to San Diego or Los Angeles. This is where you’ll find your pick of baseball, football, hockey, and basketball teams.

San Diego: Petco Park, in the heart of downtown, is home to the MLB’s Padres. In the winter, people head to Point Loma and Pechanga Arena to watch the Gulls of the American Hockey League play hockey.

Anaheim: The Los Angeles Angels and the NHL’s Anaheim Ducks play baseball and hockey, respectively, at Angels Stadium and the Honda Center in Orange County.

Los Angeles: Baseball, football, hockey, basketball, and Major League Soccer (MLS) are represented in L.A. The Dodgers play in Dodgers Stadium; The NFL’s Rams and Chargers are at the LA Memorial Coliseum; and the Staples Center hosts the NHL’s Kings, the NBA’s Lakers and Clippers, and the WNBA Sparks. Meanwhile, Dignity Health Sports Park, the largest soccer-only stadium in the U.S., is the home to the L.A. Galaxy.

Escondido’s Attractions

Though Escondido is 20 minutes from the Pacific Ocean it certainly doesn’t lack for attractions. In fact, it is the northern heart of San Diego County’s historic culture. And you can see this when your car service drops you off in the Old Escondido Historic District.

This area contains dozens of historically designated homes from the 1880s to present time. They include stately Victorians, Craftsman bungalows, and post World War II homes. More information on this area and the city’s other landmarks are featured at the Escondido History Center.

The biggest attraction near the city limits is the Sand Diego Zoo Safari Park. This is an 1,800-acre, non-profit space featuring 3,000 animals encompassing 300 species. Other cultural experiences include the aforementioned History Center, the Roynon Museum of Earth Science & Paleontology, and the San Diego Archaeological Center. 

Weekly and Annual Events

No matter how long you visit or if you are there for business or pleasure, Escondido features annual and weekly events. When totaled, there are 1,500 events in the city alone.

Every Monday and Tuesday the city holds farmer’s markets in different neighborhoods. The first one takes place at the Welk Resort while the second occurs in downtown. On Fridays during the summer you can see classic cars cruise the downtown area as part of Cruisin’ Grand™ Escondido.

Annual events are also in abundance. In the winter, the city hosts a chocolate festival and a tour of their adobe homes. If you visit in the spring you can catch the annual Mariachi Festival or enter select homes in the historical district during Mother’s Day. Toward the end of the year, enjoyment is available at the Tamale Festival and the Escondido Christmas Parade. 

Escondido Weather

Since it isn’t on the coast, Escondido doesn’t receive the ocean breezes that cool down other San Diego County cities. Therefore, the range of winter and summer temperatures are different. Yet, the amount of annual precipitation is still low.

Temperatures in the winter and spring hover around the low to mid-70s with lows in the upper-40s. The warmest months are between June and October when the temperatures are in the 80s during the day and the 60s at night. However, Escondido is not a stranger to temperatures in the 90s from time to time.

If arriving from a cooler climate you might want to shed your jacket or sweater before the car service picks you up. You can save those garments for chillier winter evenings.

Transportation Trends

Private car services exist in California for several reasons. One is to ease your stress when visiting. It’s better to reach your destination rested instead of anxious from driving the state’s highways.

Another reason is knowledge. The drivers at JustProper know Escondido and the surrounding areas. Thus, there’s no risk of getting lost or being late. They’ll make sure you leave well ahead of the event in question.

In the end, we want to guarantee your time with JustProper leaves you with a positive feeling. Not only with our drivers and vehicles but also with our booking app. We want this technology to help you find a vehicle with ease, get a quick quote, and find out additional information about Escondido. In turn, you’ll arrive with a sense of calm and forethought of where you want to visit during your stay.

Frequently Asked Questions

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We offer our services in most cities in the United States at the moment. We plan on expanding into Canada and Europe soon (look out in the announcements on our blog for updates on this)!

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The easiest and fastest way to make a reservation or booking is through our website (whether you are on desktop or on a mobile device – you should still be able to seamlessly book a reservation for your next ride).

What is your cancellation policy?

As long as you notify us 2 hours in advance of your scheduled reservation, there is no fee charged to your account. If it is within the 2 hour window (or you are a no-show altogether), then we will have to charge you for the service as our drivers showed up and were on time.

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